Tolerance is the last virtue of a dying society.

Hmm? Black Lives Matter? How? They're held hostage by their own community crime syndicates?
Divide and Conquer Agendas planned behind closed doors in your communities by the white and black elites
who have worked together to make our minorities their personal charity and foundation piggy banks for their trusts?

Where "Hoprah" At?

And in the Patriot poor South are the lovely Military recruiting centers for the white trash?

Who are the people in your communities benefitting from making everyone sick, trafficking children and poisoning every system we have? Who runs those education, farming, politricktions, mining, medical ..... ?

Who's got the kids in the cages you live around? Who is selling your children poison drugs? When do we walk away to protect one another? How hard is it to identify your community "sell outs"?

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The College Scam!
College is used as a mating ground for your Trustifarians and to further their charities, foundations and divide and conquer agendas with the public.

Trustifarians won't bring you home
to mama and papa!

From filmmaker Jamie Johnson, Born Rich and The One Percent.

You think you want to be born into these families?

Think again! Greed, murder, oaths of silence or for speaking out they are met with death.

Underworlds all around you. Stay away from them.

Trustifarians are in every community, all around the world
and need the public’s protection to help correct this Tyranny. ​

Jamie Johnson, "Fable of the Rich".

You can not "Black and White" people because they are rich. Not all wealthy people are bad.

You are not noticing all around you the good that wealthy families do to include millions of assassinations trying to warn the public?

You are noticing that media as a whole is the sole cause for perception and Tyranny, created mainly by a few nefarious technocrats, eugenicists, and banking cartels.

You and I can change this together without a fight, leaving a beautiful world for the young families and youth.