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Restoring Journalism and Arts is dedicated to; Thomas Goldstien, Dave Luhressn, Deb Mikesch, Karen Spiegel, Elaine Maly, Joespeh Pabst, Maria Cadenas, Bernell Hooker, Julie Wichmann, Bo Black, and way too many others to list, who never sold out but left instead or went on to do amazing things for people in other ways.

Ethics is almost impossible within the times we are living. Even more impossible is to find many with integrity. We are in trouble worldwide due to the lack of ethics within any business, let alone journalism.

I want to let it be known that lives were cut short and countless deaths due to oxidative stress when the arts and media buyers came in to turn our professions into disgust in the late 1980's, 1990's until devoured in the mid-2000's.

What happened in the late 80's, 90's and was accomplished in the 2000's which was the take over of America by Zionists. These infiltrators are all races and religions, as well as your neighbors and on all sides of the political fence working in every tax paid system. Stop spending on their large or small and pretend family front community businesses. You have a business? Put an "APOLITICAL" sign on your website or business cards, would be my advice.

The take over of real journalism was no different than the fake narrative of the "Hollywood Black Listings" when it was the "Nazi-Commies" that went after Hollywood producers, franchises, directors, writers, actors calling real Americans "Nazis and Commies" when these accusers WERE the "Nazis and Commies" from the Zionist Congress.

The horror didn't stop at the Hollywood Blacklistings. These monsters moved into every American community and bought out, destroyed or took over every Tax Paid System to own the politicians, education, large farming, large mining, unions, chemical companies, charities, foundations, medical and religious organizations. You name it, they poisoned everything and these are your neighbors, people.

Who is consuming? That is the real question? Perhaps you should know your upstanding neighbors on any side of the political or religions fence behind those closed doors?

I took an oath as a journalist to uphold the truth. I didn't "go along-to get a long" and I never remained silent. I am ashamed of my profession within those that remained silent or continued to sell their souls for a paycheck. This kind of disgust out of adults is beyond over.

It is a new day! "Sell Outs, nor The Silent", those that produced and produce disgust will ever be remembered for much other than the continuation of the destruction of our youth and families.

Not ALL journalists or artists sold out. We have always been here. That the public must remember. It was the public that left us, to not much fault of their own, as MEDIA is the greatest weapon to hit mankind.

Your community actors in the kickback clubs helped greatly to bring the world to its' knees. Some call "them" Stasis. All political sides of the kickback clubs in your communities played a role in this horror which is primarily worldwide hysteria as the good public is really the majority and we really can turn this around, together without fighting.

I promised so many I would come back, help the public. Reluctantly but joyously I kept my promise as I always do, with the help of so many, to create the first of its' kind worldwide private platform.

85% of the "so-called" assassinations everyone is terrorized by do not even happen, by the way. Crime Syndicates, are Crime Syndicates. Leave Crime Syndicates alone, they leave you alone. Besides, they are about to go broke and their Trusts recalled for Crimes Against Humanity.

You as the consumer can stop the Tyranny! Every dime you spend on anything in horrific media, this is the real evil. Every penny you spend on any business that has an agenda, think again. This is not your government. Vote with your dollar.

By the way, the CIA, FBI, Police, Military, Space Aliens (or any other conspiracy nutter stories out there) or any other "alphabet" agency are not coming to kill me or anyone.

The Government, real news organizations, academia, truly applaud and could not be more happy that UnGuru's ensemble and community are adulting by zip code to restore peace and to help middle and upper middle classes, acutely local and worldwide back to thriving again, restoring their histories from revisionist and take out the elements within prestigious academic organizations that caused all of this horror.

TURN OFF THE NOISE! Another thing as we will say again; "No one is being forced to vaccinate". Anyone whining, " I am being forced to vaccinate" is a liar paid for by some political agenda or PAC on the "Right Side". Private companies can require this, not public. Drop your own businesses, properly structure and this ends.

Hey? I will say this again' "do you know who your neighbors really are"? If they have a fight club, you might want to back away slowly as they are into the Kickback Clubs or promoting intentional terror on any political, religious, charitable or foundational side.

Stop arguing about personal choices. Leave people to vaccinate, or not. If someone is vaccinated and terrified you are not, back away from that person and do not argue.

Let the Oligarchs handle this one. We are free. We always have been.

Welcome Home! Welcome to the restoration of our lives and the end of MASS HYSTERIA!

~CityGal Melanie
UnGuru's Executive Producer

Isn't it nice to know who is on the other end of the keyboard?

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Learn the difference in Journalism.
Many Journalists have never sold out.


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We become the Consumer Protectors by Zip Code, WORLDWIDE!

Welcome to peace, truth and healing.

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UnGuru will help any journalist in any community around the world to start their own Community Newspaper Independent Franchise.

Interested? All you need to do is contact us at 414-828-7878 and we will be happy to get you started.

We already have several countries, communities in the training. Our Community newspapers will not serve to report on Public, Tax Paid Events or Government when we have left all systems.

Our community newspapers will serve as to highlight ethical businesses, incredible arts, cultures, restoring honesty within our cultures and histories. Thus, every community newspaper UnGuru helps to establish, that organization will be its' own private community news source within our guidelines of integrity in that region for "checks and balances", to gain resources and help if needed.

We restore ethics, dignity, take care of our communities and recreate art, elevating wonderful artists worldwide. We leave in peace, moving to where we are treated best and where the adults are located that that truly care to leave the world in better condition for our youth and young families.

We will make sure there are never monopolies again on anything through franchising UnGuru's platform to fit that community's need, supporting transparent agenda-less small-to-mid-size (in the private) businesses, acutely local first and then sharing worldwide. This insanity can never happen ever again.

Contributing to these people's torture
is no longer O.K.

Ask yourself why these people can't help the public?

Ask yourself how much money does a person really need when so many are in peril?

Ask yourself where the money really goes, for what and to whom?

Ask yourself where "We are the Worlders" went?

You think after so many continue to be assassinated that any one is
going to stick their neck out any longer for the public, until the public unifies for peace within their own families and communities to end corruption, without a narrative given?

I don't think so.

We are done with Hillbillywood and their elevated pretend "Britney Spears-look-over-here" games. Britney is an Mk-Ultra Slave who is literally destroyed and can not even function without her drugs and handlers. This is the best American's can do? Spend a dime on the torture of an innocent child sold into service of psychopaths?

Hollywood, Media and Sports is trash, filled with psychopaths, predators and victims.

Dave Chappelle, ordinary guy like you and I, a peasant from Ohio saves Comedy Central billions from going broke and from total demise by bringing the masses culturally together, telling the truth about how the world operates, how Hollywood operates and then just goes crazy, like too many other great entertainers?

Sure? Like the "lone shooter" and every other terrorist act pulled on us by community Crime Syndicates in our very own communities. Who are the enemies we live next to?

The real Dave Chappelle wants to share his wealth with his community, turning himself into a private franchise which is GENIUS! These are Hollywood MAFIAS! The CIA runs Hollywood. You think the CIA would allow Dave Chappell to destroy so many "Fight Clubs" and bring peace?

They told that man to step down, after destroying his entire family and his love for people and arts. Then a new Chappelle was trained and replaced to carry on Dave's money making for their agendas and pockets? Are we done with the "stupid" yet?

Generation X especially "rolls their eyes" at the "new and improved"-David Chappell. To end with the fuckery of the Chappelle bullshit! Years later the new Chappelle appears with whole new body and face, a new history, a new life and parents that now somehow Howard University Civil Rights Activist Royalty when prior Dave talked about his average family and being raised by a school teacher? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

Generation X just rolls their eyes knowing these people are absolutely split mind fractured terrorized slaves. Mouth Pieces and Propaganda is over. Greed was never a good idea!! X is not and will not contribute to these people's slavery in; Media, Arts, Sports, Politics or Entertainment.

Lastly, all these people do is pollute and dumb down the minds of our youth and public in general, with greed, filth, chaos, disgust and "fake and made-up lives", controversies for publicity stunts or conspiracy BS. All of these industries, to include our religious leaders, worldwide leaders are just OVER! We have turned off and tuned out!

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Commander Mark Divine interviews Cyber Security Consultant and author, James Scott on Crises Actors, Divide and Conquer players in your communities, AI, Bots, Propaganda, Fake Media.

If not now, when?