Humans CRAVE Beauty & Colour

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Low Dose-High-Vibe


Isn't it Nice to know who is on the other end of the keyboard?

Adults Consented to Greed

Even Ayn Rand has been hijacked and re-written.

First and foremost, nothing is scary if you stop consenting and giving "them" your energy
and money!

Do not "Go along to Get Along" with any narrative of mindless drones on any side when peace has always been the course of action!

Humans need COLOR and ART, CONNECTION in order to; remain human, laugh, share their ways, show individualism, share cultures, make fun of one another, smile, dance, sing.

Horror-Wood, Sports, Media and every city circus and every tax paid system is going down in flames.

For the Freedom Club worldwide, we will preserve the systems of disgust in museums as "warnings", only to be remembered as a reminder to never allow filth to take over the humans again.

Humans outnumber those who have lost humanity.

We are the creators! We are the real Artists. We build a New World based in beauty, ethics and love.

Fill Your Lives With Color!

Stop trying to fit in to a world that is being reborn for Humans. Stop clinging to systems of disgust.

Let this world implode and enjoy the ride.

The Color Agenda

If you have ever been to India, (or many worldwide regions who place the highest value on color) then you understand COLOR!

America's community public servants, over the last 200 years have intentionally made our neighborhoods, cities colorless or with filthy "Street Art".

Street art and all art has become disjointed, disgusting, as have all your community entertainment and art events.

Bland, Cold, Colorlessness, geriatric cover bands of filth where little adults exist- is not an accident.

Make no mistake about the intent of everything and everyone around you, especially the "popular people", your local leaders within your communities, townships, those seeming to be so happy, filled with smug pride or pretending nothing is wrong at all, no matter the team they play for because there is something so off about people "pretending" everything is ok.

The good news? Cesar is about to bring in the beat down on "them", worldwide. The Plandemic served many functions of which none of this was a bad thing.

The intent behind this slow move of the disappearance of beauty is even more hateful and vicious which was to make sure you stay in the MACHINES!

Don't leave drunk Uncle Joe behind. UnGuru-ers don't like liars, cheats and people that don't take care of their family!

Isn't it Nice to Know who is on the other end of the Keyboard?
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Reclaiming Peace & Prosperity Through Unexposed Knowledge.
Know Better! Do Better!
Be Business! Do Business! Be Worldwide!
We Walk Away!

Follow the MONEY in your very own Communities and Worldwide to all the corrupt people you live around. 

CAFR1 – Walter Burien, since 1998 has diligently worked for you bringing forward into the light of day what needs to be known about the collective scope of government finance and massive investments held. Government is not funding CAFR1.

In fact several from within government have taken much from me over the last twenty-years. Several individuals have pitched in since 1998 to assist CAFR1 in its efforts. “That is why CAFR1 is still standing today”. If you can assist with direct operating funds, Please go to the CAFR1 donation page  or call 928 458-5854 A.S.A.P.

Know Better! Do Better! Be Business! Do Business! Be Worldwide!