Low Dose-High-Vibe


Stewards unto one another~
Personal Responsibility~
Do no harm~

Government Inc. No Longer Deserves Forever Customers and Never Did! Turn Off Their Fear!

Besides "Training Day and The Departed", Underworlds are all around you, to include those "Suits and Ties"!
We don't have the Boondock Saints. Next best thing to do is walk away in peace.
Vote with your dollar!
These movies comprise your past, present and possible future.
Make it a good Shift because Free Will can be a bitch and the choice is now yours and yours alone.

Isn't it Nice to Know who is on the other end of the Keyboard?
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Reclaiming Peace & Prosperity Through Unexposed Knowledge.
Know Better! Do Better!
Be Business! Do Business! Be Worldwide!
We Walk Away!

When we learn to turn toward one another to practice fair business and help one another, the Tyranny ends?