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To become a vetted broadcaster, educator or be lab-tested to sell your products, any other business inquiries. 

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One Time
  • You know who is on the other end of the Keyboard
  • Access for free groups
  • Pick and Choose Broadcasts, Interactive Fireside Chats, and Learning Sessions

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99 Monthly
  • You know who is on the other end of the Keyboard
  • Access to All Groups
  • Automated Schedule of events and educations of your choosing
  • Ability to sell your products (After Approved) to our community
  • Access to have your own in-house or UnGuru Broadcast Network interactive fireside chats, interviews
  • Full discounts for all services
  • Ability to apply for financial assistance or support

Requires Phone Interview

$ 49
99 Monthly
  • Contact UnGuru for pre-interview to our global community within UnGuru Your Life which is a separate community within for those that wish ultimate privacy
  • Requires post-mail vetting
  • Investment in Franchise Opportunities
  • All perks of Membership Plan

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