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"I am a brother, a son and a believer"

Darren Orr – has been working with brightest minds in the natural health field for the past 15+years. Darren has worked work with and educated both patients and professionals with the most innovative and unique products and modalities to support the body to do what it was designed to do naturally. With a degree in media production and film from the Art Institute of Atlanta, Darren has great enthusiasm for photography and piloting rotary craft in North GA. Peer mediation was an elective within his educations of which he found that helping people with their physical, mental, and emotional health would be a big part of his life! After working with many practitioners in the field of bioenergetics and frequency work, he opened KO Gardens to help even more people stay off the "product pushers", maintain balance and a healthy life within the 80/20 rule.

Are you above the line or below the line?
0xidative Stress is the leading cause of all disease.

KO Gardens will help educate on the importance of nutritional intake for reparative & maintenance purposes. 

There is a difference of micronized superior nutrition in our nanoceutical sprays, as well as adult stem cell activators; and the advantages our products has over your average pills. 

You don’t need much to keep your body in good health. 

KO Gardens is devoted to reaching the public through education avenues to help strengthen their understanding of daily health issues and hurdles.

Education Topics include but are not limited to getting back to health in a very toxic environment. 

1.  Relieving The Nervous System- with InstaCalm Spray & Medix Stem Cell Activators for Nervous System

2. Strengthening the Immune System with OnGuard Spray (viral, bacterial, & fungal defense) & Immune Rx (Immune Balancer & Modulation)

3.  Breathing Better & Lung Support with NuLung Spray (Respiratory Support) & LNG Medix (Stem Cell Activator for the lungs)

4. Joints, Aches/Pains & More Energy with NuJoint Spray (Connective Tissue support) & CNT Medix (Stem Cell Activator for conn. Tissue & joints)

5. Better Sleep & Tranquility with Sleep Assist Spray (REM Sleep Support) & Medix Stem Cell Activators for Sleep

7. Parasite Complete, Gett’em Gone Parasite Cleanse with Parasite Complete Spray (Complete Body Parasite Cleanse) & Holiday Medix products

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