Isn't it Nice to Know Who is on the Other End of the Keyboard?

What does a real "Cancel Culture" look like?

By January 2023, UnGuru will have every region worldwide covered with their own community newspapers and radio stations, so we can know who is in the private, who to trust.

UnGuru will be the headquarters but each community newspaper and radio station will be their own business. Every community worldwide faces their own social challenges and community corruptors and Crime Syndicates. Communities, take care of one another to stay away from the people with agendas, fight clubs.

Our community newspapers and radio stations do not plan on reporting about negativity, Government anything or businesses associated with local Government. "Private" means we have left the systems legally and at peace.

We want to know what private restaurants have food that isn't poisoned, private Indie entertainment establishments without "Elephant Sized" televisions blasting in our faces. Real Estate Agents or any business that isn't going to harm or gouge. "Word of Mouth" will become SOLID!

UnGuru will be reporting on the amazing arts, private member association education organizations not affiliated with Government Inc. or thumping you on the head with any agenda. Safe small sports clubs? Yes.

Private tourism, tour guides, places to stay. We want the safest and most transparent music festivals, historical societies, art works, cultural events. The "Best of the Best" of private small businesses to utilize, as well as private foundations for resources when in need.

We have learned our lessons to never allow our food, water, medicines, medical, media, arts, to be bought out. We have learned that Corporations are terrifying to work for and have destroyed people. We have learned that "Greed was NOT good".

Shake it off! We clean up. We move into the private, become one another's family. We handle our blocks and take care of "Drunk Uncle Joe".

We end the corruption by moving in the private, in proper legal standing, following all public laws, voting with our dollar. Tune out and turn off "Their Noise"!

"Word of Mouth" will WIN, acutely local and worldwide as soon everyone is going to know "Who is-Who" in their communities.

Indie Journalists

Indie Arts

Indie Music

Indie Film

Make sure your character is in check and your reputation OUTSTANDING!

Isn't it Nice to Know who is on the other end of the Keyboard?
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