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Two people get in a car accident, both are dead. Who do we blame now? Are we done fighting, yet?

Melanie Beres is a married mother of four. Receiving a scholarship for Chess in 1987 she passed on college and instead founded Midwest Rock Opera Company in 1991 (MiROC) which has been recognized worldwide. Beres has worked with many arts and media industry professionals, authored and produced an original rock opera still in rotation today. 

MiROC focused on many societal issues, the solutions to them, as well as, empowered women on stage and behind. 30 years in the arts and media fields, Beres has served on several ThinkTanks, both domestic and worldwide. Beres served as the youngest President for the oldest women’s organization, BPW for two-terms, served as two-term president for Association of Women in Communication, cutting her teeth in investigative and combat journalism. 

Beres credits Wisconsin Woman where she was Arts and Entertainment Editor as the inspiration for founding her first publication, CityGal Magazine where the goal was to end relational aggression, otherwise known as “female to female” hate as the root cause of Women’s inequality. 

Beres continues as one of the most sought after consultants and freelancers in media arts, notable literary and entertainment areas. Beres holds membership to the National, Press Club, American News Women’s Club where she is a force in defending real journalism and journalists. 

As the founder of a worldwide broadcast network, UBN, Beres hopes to inspire the public to turn off the noise, understand the difference within media genres, calming people to be the change they wish to see within themselves and their communities by restoring their own voices, volunteering in their communities to health for youth and young families. 

Beres’ passion is her family, small circle of friends and helping homeless back into life. Her family foundation brings Beres the most joy, where young families are nurtured to self sufficiency by providing affordable housing, jobs, educations in health, finances and access to establishing their own businesses, homeschooling their children and home ownership with the ability to reach for their own ways of navigating this impossible world.

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There comes a point & time when we
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young families & youth”!
That time is now!

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