Caprice Jacobson - Document Preparation & Pro Se Litigant

Caprice Jacobson

After Jacobson's brother was gunned down at Columbine, he made it his mission to put all his efforts into obtaining a Law Degree from Yale. Jacobson dropped from Yale Law School in 2015 due to the lack of leadership, justice in any institution worldwide, a failed system, corruption within every community organization and tax paid entity.

"I had enough of the lies within all political parties, the sham within the educational systems, the tax dollars we spend for genocide within our own communities. The rehashed 60's agendas were about all I could stand", Jacobson states.

Jacobson set out to represent victims of the corrupt system by helping to keep people out of the "Prison for Profit" system, prepare documents and educate clients to represent themselves in what Jacobson describes as "money laundering humans". In practice for over 12 years, Jacobson has yet to lose a case he has helped his clients prepare for.

"It takes considerable knowledge to realize the extent of your own ignorance"~Thomas Sowell

Married father of four, Jacobson spends his free time attending to his family where they enjoy sailing, music and a small circle of friends. Crediting his wife who gave him the courage to leave Yale, the drippings of money behind, forgetting about a broken system to seek out a fulfilling and purpose driven life, they enjoy homeschooling their children to build futures for themselves without societal programming.

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