Trauma, Cyber Psychosis & Neuroscience

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Dr. Theresa Jarrod

Jerrod was born with a natural curiosity within how people could be cruel. Her curiosity drew her to the world of psychology where she landed on anti-psychiatry. Jarrod states; “ Psychology is coercive instrument causing countless genocides and suffering since its’ inception. Jarrod gained her Doctorate specializing in Trauma and Neuroscience at the University of Prague in 2009. In her practice she helps to retrain the brain and uses epigenetics as a healing method. Over the last three years she’s been on several academia research teams recording the affects of adolescent online learning, as well as the devastating consequences pundit media, social as well as device overuse has had on society.

Is this the best we can do?

It is no measure of heath to be adjusted to a profoundly corrupt communities and leadership. The question remains, what are the peaceful solutions in our own lives and communities we can actively tale part in to leave building a new Jarrod’s book, “The Mental Club”. How social media destroyed the human connection giving rise to the bully” will be released in 2022. UnGuru and Jarrod’s team will embark on a lecture tour to draw awareness about the negative effects of media and how society can change to automate their lives digitally and use smart tech and media as little as possible.

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