Brenden Phillips
Brenden Phillips

My name is Brenden. I am an experienced media production professional committed to the artistic expression of stories and ideas in film format. A clear communicator with direction experience in both documentary, dramatic film productions and a tour in combat journalism.

Graduating from Peking University School of Journalism and Communication in 2008 was quite the time in our entire world. I am a Millennial, having lived through 3 recessions, watching media lose touch with reality, I thought I would give this job a chance. Taking our media back, the mission within UnGuru, may be everyone's last hope?

At first I was very hesitant due to the climate in America. I am not American but I see a country that was once the shinning light, a place for all to look up to being destroyed not by either political party but by the adult public. There is no excuse to let your country fail. It takes one thing and that is working together.

You can reach a point of no return but there is always hope until the very last breath. God Speed.

Reclaiming Peace & Prosperity Through Unexposed Knowledge.
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