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Application Process

Think of UnGuru as a worldwide business club, private networking association where UnGuru will branch out by region and Zip Code for those that wish to join the Freedom and Fair Business for Fair Business Practice Club, knowing exactly what small private business or events to part-take in acutely local or worldwide. We may look "grassroots" but we are anything but. This is just the beginning of the Worldwide Cancel Culture and "Social Credits" to detect anyone who is on about any agenda or fight club no matter the political party or religion.

News Flash-We Build A New! Applications are accepted Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Within 24-48 hours, you will then receive our a "Welcome" Letter by email.

Once we send the "Welcome" email, you will have 24 hrs to complete your profile.
with your picture and proper birth name on your Social Media Profile.

You will not be reminded to complete your profile and and be removed without refund but can call incase of needing help or that you can't get to your profile within 24 hours. If that time has passed you will have to re-apply and go through the process again.

The protection of our members is of the highest priority. It is time we know our neighbors, who they really are behind closed doors and who is on the other end of the keyboard.

Our members are even greeted with a real human voice when they call.

Need help or answers, call 414-828-7878 and we will phone back within 24 to 48 hours.
Transparency, Character WIN! Welcome to the Shift! Welcome home! ❣️

Isn't it Nice to Know who is on the other end of the Keyboard?
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Reclaiming Peace & Prosperity Through Unexposed Knowledge.
Know Better! Do Better!
Be Business! Do Business! Be Worldwide!
We Walk Away!
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Whilst I, CityGal Melanie, may be the founder, producer and brainchild of UnGuru, people forget that one can not solo-fly. I am the producer of an enormous first of its' kind worldwide "Rotary Club" of which without our sponsors, worldwide production team, as well as our Ensemble, UnGuru would not be possible.

Perhaps solo-flying is where we all went wrong?
Everyone always looking to "one-up" one another or to get into the popular clubs rather than looking toward one another to do fair business, take care of one another (especially our youth) and enjoy life.

There is no "I" in Team.

UnGuru has a small ensemble for a reason. How much insane media do you need? Not one professional repeats their specialty. Thus, I consider the UnGuru Ensemble "The Gatekeepers".

Within this troupe, their ethics, ease within collaborations and teamwork far surpass any one I have ever worked with, to date!

Our Ensemble Members are highly skilled Scholars within their fields because they didn't stay to the indoctrination of our worldwide education systems, knew the difference between pundit media and professional journalism and took it upon themselves to be responsible to know more than most that are considered scholars.

So stop panicking and clean up! Ignore, Ignore, Ignore!
Humanity has hit the 11th Hour and "EYE' of the storm.
Let's kick-it into this AMAZING SHIFT! "TEAM HUMAN"!

Wave that individualism - Loud and Proud!

Time for those all night roller skate-shuffle skates, block parties, the return of our wise community elders. Old School is where it is at and that includes Not leaving drunk Uncle Joe behind. We take care of each other, now.

People can shove their Guru crap and red carpets where the sun don't shine. Time for a "shot and a beer"! I am from Wisconsin!
So many sayings in my Polish family. My Gramps raised me to say; "You must mistake me for someone who needs this job or your friendship".
Me? I sell my soul for no one. It is way passed time we walk away!


CityGal Melanie

Polska for Life~

Dedicated to my Grands and Great Grands
who raised me proper!

"Who Stole the Kishka....someone call the Cops! HEY"!

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